Travel with friends, made easy.

The world’s first travel subscription company.


Gypsee makes building an adventure easy with subscription payments. No credit check necessary.

Add Fellow Adventurers

Choose, and invite other adventure seekers. Gypsee handles all aspects of the adventure so long as all adventurers are in the 48 contiguous United States.

Customer Service

Gypsee believes in providing unparalleled customer service from the time the adventurer leaves until they return.

Your adventure awaits

Gypsee understands how difficult it is to coordinate adventures with family and friends.
Gypsee oversees 100 percent of the planning, coordinating and payments.

  • Choose

    Gypsee offers a variety of curated adventure packages, handcrafted by fellow adventure enthusiasts.

  • Invite

    Gypsee's 'Add Adventurer' tool takes the stress out of inviting others.

  • Begin

    Gypsee sends you the itinerary. Arrive at the airport. Your adventure awaits.


Gypsee makes adventures affordable.

Gypsee understands financing adventures can be difficult. Gypsee's reasonable payment structuring allows adventurers to finance interest free. Gypsee collects payments from the individual adventurer. Everyone is responsible for their own adventure.

Let Gypsee do all of the work.

Gypsee takes care of all of the legwork. There are no upfront payments required, no booking of flights and hotels, no scheduling of activities or coordinating arrivals. Everything is done before walking out the door for the airport.

  • Affordable

    Gypsee allows adventurers to choose from a number of flexible payment plans.

  • Adventure

    Gypsee believes adventures are best shared. Invite, and bring along other adventurers.

  • Afterwards

    Instagram stories, pictures and memories are all yours now and not someone else.

Gypsee’s mission is to provide the finest in curated adventure experiences for the individual and friends by changing the face of the entire adventure from booking to the return home.

Your adventure questions answered.

We know you probably have a bunch of questions, as this is a brand new concept, payment plans, no credit check, inviting friends, I know, it's just so awesome, but how does it work!?

  • Payments

    Adventurers select their own flexible payment options.

  • Itinerary

    Receive your adventure itinerary after 50 percent of all payments are made.

  • Departure

    Select a date for departure at any point after financial payment obligations are met.

  • Missed Payments

    Gypsee understands life happens. All adventurers can recover a missed payment so long as all is paid in full before departure date.

  • Trust Gypsee

    Gypsee exists to make your adventure dream a reality. You book it; we make it happen.

  • Additional Adventures

    These are on the way. Meanwhile, enjoy your current adventure!

Still have a question? Reach out to us:

Is adventure calling?

Gypsee is looking for the Elite 50, a select group of 50 adventurers who will be the first to experience all Gypsee has to offer.